My team at the Royal Bank of Scotland & NatWest recently sponsored a hackathon at the bank’s digital studios in London between 3-5 June. The concept of banks organising hackathons is a seismic shift from the walled garden approach of the past, it paves the way for banks to be more open towards innovation from the outside. Judging by the turnout and the outputs from the hackathon there clearly is an appetite for developers and startups to collaborate with banks; this collaboration will benefit customers hugely in the long term.

Below is a shortclip showing highlights from the hackathon in London and promoting our next hackathon in Edinburgh from the 17th-19th of June if you would like to take part!

The London hackathon had 10 teams take part and work hard over the weekend to come up with some really great ideas. Here are 10 ideas that came out of the hackathon –